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Welcome to the Chu lab website. The current projects being conducted in our lab focus on translational pain and opioid physiology work in humans. The overarching vision of our laboratory is to translate preclinical discoveries into meaningful therapies to treat pain and other human health problems associated with the use of pain medications.
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No Pain No Gain
Nicole D'Arcy
The team from the Discovery Channel television program Mythbusters, featuring Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, visited the Chu lab in January to learn some basic human experimental pain models and how quantitative sensory testing of pain is performed.
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Mouse to Man
Recent work by the Chu lab, in collaboration with Dr. David Clark and Dr. Gary Peltz, shows that 5-HT3 receptor antagonists decrease opioid withdrawal in humans.
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A recent review article on opioid-induced hyperalgesia written by Dr. Chu was published in a special issue of Clinical Journal of Pain. The seventeen page review summaries the most recent "state of the art" knowledge on this important topic.
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For Our Patients

We have created a special website for patients and human volunteers who may be interested in enrolling in our research studies.
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